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You can do your own Fundraisers to help raise funds to rescue & distribute food to the children who need it most.


Visit the Feed Our Hungry Children Crowdrise page to set up your campaign (or join one in progress).


Be the first to donate, then invite friends, family and more to join you.


Name your campaign, tell the story of why you’re raising money, and add photos.


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Online Fundraising FAQs

What is peer-to-peer fundraising?

Peer-to-peer (p2p) fundraising is a method of raising money that encourages supporters to utilize their own network to raise money on behalf of an organization. Supporters use an online platform to engage their friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors to donate to a fundraising page that directs funds to the nonprofit organization.

Why start a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign?

A p2p fundraising campaign for Feed Our Hungry Children is the best way for an individual to increase their impact for an organization (especially for those who may not be able to make a large personal donation). Starting a fundraising campaign is an easy and effective way to raise money to provide help and hope to neighbors that need it most. Individuals, corporations, community groups and others can create their own teams and help raise valuable support for those in need.

How does peer-to-peer fundraising work at Feed Our Hungry Children?

Individuals – called fundraisers – reach out to people they know and ask them to donate to Feed Our Hungry Children cause the fundraiser is supporting. Fundraisers for Feed Our Hungry Children will create a fundraising page on CrowdRise, an online fundraising website, where they can upload personal pictures and post details about why they are supporting the organization. Fundraisers will then send a message to their friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc. that includes a link to their fundraising page and ask for donations. Messages are often sent by email and social media.

Fundraisers are able to see donations that are made to their page, post updates to their supporters and even create a team and recruit additional fundraisers to join them. One key concept of p2p fundraising is to spread support through the fundraiser’s contacts, helping expand the reach of a cause beyond the organization’s usual audience.

How your peer-to-peer fundraising helps hunger efforts

You can make a difference and help those in need by starting a p2p fundraiser and inviting your family and friends to join you in supporting our feeding hungry children efforts. Thanks to the generosity of volunteers and supporters like you, Feed Our Hungry Children is able to respond to a disaster every eight minutes. Your support helps us continue to bring hope, comfort, and care to countless children and families. We appreciate your help!

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