You can do your own Fundraisers to help raise funds to rescue & distribute food to the children who need it most.

Our campaigners have done some pretty cool stuff to raise money for hungry children. And they’re brainstorming of new ideas to do every day. What will you do?

Starting a campaign is easy.


Create A Campaign Fundraisers

It only takes a minute to set up a campaign. Decide what to do. Pick a name. Pick a photo. And just like that, you’ll be ready to start raising money to help feed hungry children in need.

Starting a campaign is easy.

Be the first to donate

Once your campaign is set up, make the first donation to set the standard and get the ball rolling. Once you’ve made a donation proceed to step 3.


Spread the word about your fundraiser and ask your friends and family to give.​

Once your campaign is set up, tell everyone about it. The more people you tell, the quicker you’ll reach your goal. Then sit back and watch the donations to feeding hungry children projects roll in.