• Healing Children's Hurts Around the World - All around the world, people are hurting: suffering from poverty, diseasters, and hunger
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Committed to Helping Children and Their Families

Feed My Hungry Children helps stand in the gap to provide the things that needy, hurting people may need to survive and become self-sufficient. Feed My Hungry Children’s humanitarian projects are committed to helping children and their families around the world.

Our relief efforts are focused on:

  • Providing education, clothing, food, and medical help to school age children
  • Providing health and nutritional training for families and parents of deprived children
  • Helping communities in deprived areas through micro-enterprise and sustainable gardening projects
  • Provide nutritious food to school children which can improve attention spans and comprehension levels
  • Engage in community development projects to help impoverished families work toward self-sufficiency.
  • Provide education, food, nutritional training, clothing, medical help, and other necessities of life to those in need, including impoverished children and their families.
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